Projects and Experiences where I used my mysql skill

The list of projects and the list of experiences where I have used my MYSQL skill.

Projects with mysql skill used inside

Pharma featured image


Pharma was a project of a client. Pharma was relat...

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Pharmapedia featured image


Pharmapedia was project of a client that was devel...

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Installment Website featured image

Installment Website

Installment Website was developed for a shopkeeper...

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Spark Point of Sale featured image

Spark Point of Sale

Spark is a general purpose point of sale system

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POS at Islamabad Eloctronics & Solar System featured image

POS at Islamabad Eloctronics & Solar System

Point of Sale (POS) developed for Islamabad Eloctr...

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Canadian Pizza featured image

Canadian Pizza

Canadian Pizza is a portfoli website of a restaura...

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MARYANN Boutique featured image

MARYANN Boutique

MARYANN Boutique is a E-Commerce Website

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Chat Web featured image

Chat Web

Chat Web was my Final Year Project (FYP) designed ...

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CMS in PHP featured image


CMS in PHP was my first dynamic project using PHP

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